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Academic Assessments


As a parent, do you feel you understand your child’s academic attainment? Here at London Home Tutors we hear time and time again from parents that schools are not giving them the information they need to help identify their child’s potential and signpost their next steps in respect of school choices.

Parents want their children to go to schools where they will be happy and fulfill their potential but often they have no information on which to base these choices. We hear this from families in the state sector and the private sector alike.

In response to ongoing requests from our parents we have devised a comprehensive Academic Assessment whose purpose is three fold:

-To tell you how your child is performing now in comparison with their national year group

-To guide you as to their unique academic potential

-To give parents guidance on the implications of the test results for their child in respect of school entrance exams for London schools


Our Academic Assessment has been created by qualified teachers based in London and is always administered, marked and fed back to parents by a qualified teacher who knows about the schools you have in mind. Each assessment can take up to three hours and is undertaken by an experienced teacher who monitors your child’s approach, confidence and skill level during each of the tests.

Following the appointment, you will be provided with a detailed report about your child and will also have a follow up meeting or a thirty minute call with the teacher to discuss your child’s current academic level, strengths and areas for development.  We will provide an action plan for your 11+ campaign and discuss school choices with you.  We can suggest a list of appropriate schools.

Assessments, who are they for and what do they do?

Assessments are aimed at children in school years three, four, five and six or a capable year two if a 7+ exam is being considered. The assessment is used to monitor a number of areas:

Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning to capture academic potential in a way similar to 11+ exams

Spelling, Reading, Writing and Mathematics tests to capture the level your child is working at now in key areas of attainment

To identify why gaps between potential and current attainment might be happening, such as undiagnosed SEN, confidence or classroom issues

To identify your child’s suitability for selective entrance exams, such as the 7+, 11+ and 13+


The National Curriculum

Each of our assessments target different areas within the curriculum and are up to date with the new National Curriculum standards which came into force in 2014. The new curriculum was developed to stop school grading pupils in ‘levels’. This was done mainly in the hope of stopping schools rushing children to the next ‘level’ when they had not really grasped or retained the current learning. Schools are now able to grade pupils progress as they feel best, leading to an array of different methodologies and techniques. This has left parents even more confused about the progress of their child, particularly as many schools do not share this information with parents openly.

Our Academic Assessments provide a simple solution, a standardised score. These scores were produced by leading experts in child education and explain that ‘normal’ range is a score between 85 and 115. If a child is above this then they are of above average ability and below indicates learning can be harder than it is for others. We use these scores, combined with your child’s age, to provide information signposting appropriate future school choices.

What happens next? 

Once the assessments are completed the assessor writes a detailed report highlighting all of the child’s strengths and areas for improvement as well as describing the child’s potential. The assessor will then meet or have an extensive phone conversation with you to discuss the report and answer any questions that you may have.

However, at London Home Tutors we know that this can sometime only be the beginning. You may be left with questions about how to best support your child? Which schools would allow them to thrive? We are here to help, we offer an honest advice service about how best to help your child. It maybe with small changes and focus in one area that they begin to reach their potential and this can be included into a little work at home with the family; however, sometimes children need a boost, this could be for confidence reasons, misconceptions which need to be addressed or a lift up the learning ladder, then you may think that one to one tuition is the best option. With all the information gleaned from the assessment, our tutors will know exactly where to start.

At London Home Tutors we never tutor for the sake of it and if following an assessment we can see your child is on track and performing in line with their potential we will be honest about this and recommend that no tutoring is necessary for the time being.



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